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Blowing a hooley

Sunday brought team WMBC out to play greeted by a good breeze, a very good breeze in reality! Much fun to be had by the sailing boys and girls at all locations, recently there had been a distinct lack of decent wind today possibly the reverse was true. The wind giving the powered boat users a few headaches. More projects have been appearing and this week the Banana boat was back afloat after its refit at the hands of Dr Brian. What a difference,! Sailing wonderfully even in very strong winds, taking it all in its stride.

Huge hanks to Isla the daughter of one of our members who took some brilliant pictures from the activities at Arrow Valley Sunday! huge thanks for this Isla, excellent pictures! The guys at Redditch reported a decent wind on the 26 acre lake, resulting in some challenging conditions, all good fun and a great days sailing was had by all.

With the festive season now firmly on the horizon things may go a little quite in WMBC land, but we will still be out playing, having fun and doing what WMBC do best.

Happy Boating

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