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Belem Beauty

Another busy Sunday poolside. Sadly yours truly was busy with a meeting but I managed to get poolside for at least a few shots, and thanks to Brian for shooting a video!

Poolside all eyes were on 'Belem', Grahams stunning galleon, such a thing of grace and beauty on and off the water, Graham had been to Cob in the week for a private test launch, but after reporting a positive sail via the team facebook group. Following such a positive response from the team we were all looking forward to seeing the boat in reality. None of us were disappointed! One word: WOW!!!

Capt Brian brought along yet another new addition, this time a really nice large scale yacht. Steve had done some modifications to his scratch built speed boat, and was very happy with the results. Just detailing to go now and another great addition to the WMBC fleet.

Following on from our hugely successful 2018 season WMBC are getting invited and requested to attend more and more events, and it looks like another three, yes three maybe appearing on the event list for 2019. Keep those eyes peeled for more details, as information will be added to our website and via social media. Also Weston Park Model Show is fast approaching so members can expect an email shortly with more details.

Behind the scenes, plenty going on, and some VERY big news on the horizon for all at team WMBC.

Happy Boating

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