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Back with a Splash!

In line with government guidance WMBC are very pleased to be back afloat. Following literally hundreds of hours the first of our members hit the water under the new 'covid safe' rules. Huge vote of thanks to our amazing management team who have gone over and beyond to ensure all our members stay safe and within the guidelines. We are in contact with public health england and are getting regular updates to ensure we do things right and safely.

The pond at Cob looking resplendent today in the summer sun, it was great to be back! The team at WMBC have been very very very busy and today brought a flotilla of new builds to maiden on the water.

Today's highlights, Alex's wonderful Tamar lifeboat which he has built over lockdown, along with his equally stunning large scale Riviera, both performed perfectly. DC bought along his fleet, including his recent Jet boat purchase and his show stopping Police Launch. Equally Brian brought along another new vessel this time a fantastic Seawind yacht which relished a chance to set sail. Tony had his traditional tug and his super mono x power boat out, both again performing perfectly. Amazingly no issue with any of the wmbc fleet. Second team came along and even more new vessels, Dean and Andy with some wonderful new boats as well as old favourites. Andy and Lawson (another new younger member) came along with two speedsters, including another super mono x and a wonderful fully prepared genesis race catameran boat which was literally jumping out of the pond with all its amazing power.

Feels good to get back and wonderful to catch up (in person) with the WMBC family. We have throughout the lockdown kept actively in contact with ALL our members and we are very proud to be more than a club, more a family.

Any of our bubbles, if you take any pictures please email them to '' and we will add them to the site or via our social media streams.

Its wonderful to be back, Cob House have gone above and beyond to make things as safe as possible, we are very proud to be back and even more proud to be doing things right!

Back to happy sailing :-)

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