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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

So having been locked away from civilisation for a few weeks, thrown a few meagre scraps I've finished my penance, I mean the club website!

We all have our hobbies and interests, I really admire the boats you build, you have a lot more patience than me. My thing is computers, tech etc, So I offered to help out.

I'm happy with the end result, hopefully everyone else is too. It won't be perfect (yet) there is always a glitch or three, and no matter how many times I have previewed it, some will only show when it goes live.

What's changed? well first off the cost savings to the club are huge (which was my original remit). In reality not a lot else, content wise, it just looks different. Checking the data most site visitors look at 'pictures', 'blog' and the 'about us' sections, so concentrated on those.

The pictures (most visits) are now not only on the website but also archived on a separate storage site, which they can be pulled from when / if needed. Members will have access shortly (on my to do list).

The forum has been integrated into the blog / members area. Members will (on my to do list) receive login details. Subsequently everyone signed up to the website will be able contribute, add build logs, pictures, questions, etc. Giving complete open access, so it becomes a website for everyone, Just policed by moderators (BIG STICK BRIGADE).

Blog will continue as previously, weekly format with updates as and when needed.

GDPR (sure you've all heard and read about it), If you were subscribed to the old site your going to have to subscribe to the new one. Add your details, read the 'WMBC Privacy Policy' click agree and your subscribed, and WMBC is covered under GDPR.

Whats next? Fix the glitches first off, Get log in / members area sorted and out to members. Then archive pictures access for all members. The website will develop, improve and hopefully grow.

Any feedback (constructive) is gratefully received, Any negative feedback, (you best need to be able to do it better).

We are also now listed at:



www.worcestermodelboatclub.org (coming soon)


Giving us a true global position and securing the WMBC name.

I have also juggled the website to work on both IOS and Android mobile devices and tablets . This is in its infancy, but working. I also plan to work on a WMBC app moving forward.

Just throw me some cheese now and again, I will be happy!

My wheel needs oiling now, so..... Enjoy!

Shaun aka 'Hamster'

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