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All good Sunday!

Apologies for no update last week, A number of WMBC members ventured to the model tractor and construction show at Warwick to take in something different. A number of our members are getting into this field of the hobby, so a trip out was the order of the day. A great visit was had, the team really enjoyed the event.

This Sunday we had an excellent turnout of members enjoying the brilliant weather. We had an excellent turnout of vessels and members. A number of potential new members also arrived to check us out, something we encourage. All positive and a further two members welcomed to the WMBC family.

Ash brought along his latest vessel, Ash does nothing by half, not sure how many clubs can boast a 84" tug! Yes it's that big! Otherwise a pool full of boats and activity.

Happy Sailing.

p.s. Big thanks to Andy for the pictures!

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