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A new perspective

Ever looking to the future, the Doc decides if you can have FPV (first person view) on a drone why can't you have it on a boat! Basically you watch a screen and control the boat via that screen, goggles etc. So Sunday with a great gathering of members, test vessel 1 took to the water, and certainly added a whole new perspective to model boating. Brian launched his lovely tug along with a plethora of other vessels, including yet another Johnson new boat!! The plan for the FPV boat to follow Brian purely using technology rather than eyes. And for a first attempt it worked really well. Ever resourceful the Doc had elected to fit not only live feed from the FPV boat but also the ability to take still photographs, hence we had a new perspective on a number of new boats. There are plans for further improvements, but all in all, a success.

Not only had team Johnson got yet another new boat, Harri one of our new and young members, had been very keen to get his hands on his own boat, only last week had a go with a fast electric and Yep he got the bug, this week he had his own boat. Proudly wearing his lanyard and ID he took to the water like a pro, having fine fun! Amazing to see a new generation take to the water, and enjoy the hobby!

Great turnout of members, and plenty of water activity, plenty of discussion regarding the huge success of open day, and looking forward to the event at Chateau, which is looking at being another huge step in the evolution and history of WMBC.

On that note, Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email regarding details of the Chateau Impney event and please respond ASAP! If you don't get an email, and you would like to attend please drop us a line (details below). We will post a further posting on the website letting everyone know details have been sent out, so please keep an eye on your inbox, website, social media, twitter and Facebook etc for updates.

Any questions or queries please drop the event team a email to: we will get back to you asap!

Very very very exciting times on the horizon, and the big news is still waiting to be dropped! hold onto your hats.

Happy Boating!

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