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Guess the title says it all,

WMBC is very proud and pleased to annouce we are heading back afloat. We hope to be back on the water from the 11th July 2020.

We still need to complete and verifiy all the risk assessments, conduct some maintainence, It's all in hand. We have a plan and all members 'should' have received an email explaining how everyone of WMBC's family can get back afloat safely, securely and in line with government guidance, another war and peace but we hope our full explanation will answer any questions . Alot of time, effort, thought, perseverance has gone into getting to getting us to this position.

If you havent had the email, please email, and we will get you a copy, unfortunatly some servers dont accept bulk email. At present there is no time limit on a response. We know not everyone is ready to return. We will as we have throughout support EVERYONE of our members.

We have stood together and we have grown even stronger as a club and family. This is a new beginning for WMBC, lets look to a bright and brilliant future.

Simply the Best.


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