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Sunday brought the annual WMBC Open Day at Cob House and what an amazing day for #teamWMBC, following on from the huge success from Weston Park, the WMBC roller coaster continued at full power.

The plans for the 2019 open day were really last minute, WMBC relished the challenge and members responded in true WMBC fashion, The club had invested in multiple gazebo's following the 2018 event, good job we did!

So as everything WMBC we set the bar high, and hoped to beat our 2018 record, So the three 6x3m gazebo's were erected first thing Sunday, HUGE thanks to a fantastic team at WMBC who were all on site to get the stand ready. Fantastic that members are so willing to help and get involved and all get along and muck in, I thank you all for your efforts.

So 3 gazebo's soon needed to become 4, and in fact by the end of the day we were up to 5! Why? well we needed room for the 124 exhibits we had on show! YES 124, we smashed the 2018 figure and managed an amazing 124 for 2019!!!! at one venue at one point in time! all arranged in 2 weeks, doubt any club can better that.

We had an amazing display of vessels of every shape and form, some absolute show stoppers coming out to play. In all one fantastic display. Jaws dropped as the skill and prowess of our members came to the fore, so many amazing comments. Brian and his team of yachters did us really proud with an outstanding display of stunning yachts, these guys kept themselves active on the pool, enjoying some great sailing. Throughout the day the pond was busy with vessels of all shapes and sizes, everyone relishing their time at WMBC. Hundreds of pictures uploaded, including a number from Derek Saunders, who came along just to photograph our activities, Derek and his partner took some amazing pictures and we thank Derek and his partner for their efforts. We look forward to welcoming Derek and his partner back again in the near future.

Recently WMBC was approached by the team from Worcester Model Club about forming a link between the two clubs, as we both had a common interest. We therefore gladly welcomed the team from Worcester Model Club to attend our open day. The guys certainly did themselves, their club and WMBC proud. Putting on one amazing display with their show stopping trucks and RC cars. Jaws didn't drop they fell off at the quality and skill of these guys. It was an absolute honor to welcome them along, We look forward to a positive and bright future.

As with everything WMBC a really friendly, positive feeling to the whole event, chatting to public and promoting our hobby and WMBC. We had a number of membership inquiries, and just from the one event welcome another 12 (yes twelve) new members! Those 12 included our VIP guests, who were blown away by the superb venue, the peace, tranquility and superb and positive welcome they received. only too keen to sign up! We welcome you all to #teamWMBC

We had a fantastic day, one that will go down in the history of WMBC, huge thanks to the events team and everyone who helped setup and everyone (and i think it was everyone) who stayed to the end and helped us pack up, amazing team effort, a team who never cease to impress. Think we surprised a few of our new members with what WMBC can do.

There are now literally hundreds of pictures added to the 'event pictures' section of the website, so take a look.

As chairman, days like Sunday make me extremely proud of WMBC and each and every members support and enthusiasm, all the smiling faces make it all so worthwhile. You guys and gals never cease to amaze and impress me, thank you!. To those who have sent me personal messages of thanks, much appreciated.

On that note I would like to thank all our committee, who work tirelessly for the club, they get no benefit, earache now and again, just the satisfaction on days like Sunday, so a huge thankyou to our committee for all they do.

The WMBC roller coaster now points towards the event at Chateau Impney where we are attending an Elite Worcestershire event, and we mark another milestone in WMBC history!

Thank you to everyone who took part, helped, exhibited, came and said hello, said 'WOW' (and a lot did), helped setup, or helped put away, you all did yourselves, your hobby, Cob House and WMBC very proud.

2017 - 47 exhibits

2018 - 108 exhibits

2019 - 124 exhibits

2020 - ???

Again we confirm the statement, that we are 'Simply the Best'

Oh and Shaun let me do this blog all on my own.. so heck i hope i did it right! plus we broke through 30,000 hits to our new site, another milestone!

Alex (Chairman) WMBC.


Whilst your here, The club would like to gauge interest from members about starting club 500 racing. the manufacture will provide the almost ready to run kit. requiring a battery , esc and radio gear. the kit price is £58 but will negotiate a discount dependent on order numbers. i will provide a link to their site where you can read more about the boats and see colour options etc.

If your interested, please drop the club a email at: and register your interest. We will leave this open until 6th July 2019. (After that date any discount we obtain for bulk purchase will end)

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